Top Knot(ch)

    As we ease our way back into the week and all the monotonous tasks it brings, I want to give you something to look forward to. Every Sunday, Uptown hotspot Top Knot puts on an untraditional brunch meal that will give you something to celebrate after a long week.

    “When creating the brunch menu, we were really motivated by breakfast items that we crave and want to eat. My favorite items on the menu, like the Hot Fried Chicken Benedict, are Asian inspired but pays homage to the American South,” comments Chef de Cuisine Angela Hernandez. Crave is putting it lightly, these dishes are down right delicious. We were invited in to sample some of their top sellers at brunch and it was all so wonderful. First things first, beverages. There are playful takes on early riser cocktails like the ‘Cranberry Sparkle’ and ‘Second Story Bloody Mary’ but nothing beats a good ‘ole mimosa carafe ($9) to get things going.

    While the menu has it’s fair share of Asian inspired items, you can find brunch comforts too. The Bakery Board is insanely tasty for a carb lover like myself. Sharable portions of caramel apple muffin tops, jalapeño corn muffin tops, poppyseed bread with miso butter or berry preserves and a pecan thyme scone. All so delicately flakey and comforting. Another classic done Top Knot style is the Pork Belly Chilaquiles (salsa verde, crema, queso fresco, fried egg) which encompasses all the right things. It was crunchy, spicy, creamy and perfectly salty. A hangover cure for sure! The restaurant does a playful take on biscuits and gravy with their Hot Fried Chicken Benedict (fried egg, smoked gravy, cornichon gastrique) and its fantastic. They are famous for their hot chicken steamed bun so it’s only right to elevate that with sumptuous gravy and egg that melt together in greatness.

    If you’re looking to switch up your brunch game don’t miss out on Top Knot!

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