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    Meal-Kit Magic with Tyson Tastemakers

    *Post sponsored by TYSON TASTEMAKERS Meals Kits

    There are so many amazing ways to cut the time that we all spend in the kitchen. During the hot months of summer, no one wants to be trapped in a hot box over the stove trying to get a meal on the table after a long day. With my busy schedule, nothing sounds worse than trying to shop, wash, prep, sort, cook, eat and clean on a weeknight. With so many meal delivery programs out there, don’t you wish we all had something a little closer to home?

    Luckily for busy bodies like us, there’s a solution. New Tyson Tastemakers Meal Kits help fulfill my desire to create a fresh meal at home, without me having to shop for individual ingredients, or rely on a subscription calendar. The fresh, seasonal meal kits include pre-prepped fresh veggies, all-natural* pre- marinated meat, chef-created sauces and seasonings, and a perfectly paired starch. Each kit also comes with an easy-to-follow recipe card. The best part? The Tyson Tastemakers Meal Kits are available at your local grocer. That’s right, while you’re out shopping your normal grocery list, you can find these awesome Meal Kits right alongside the regular items you toss in your cart each week.

    We’ve been trying to eat better in our household so these fresh ingredients are the perfect way to do just that. With the prep taken care of, I can focus on the best part – cooking. Most recently, I took a Herbed Chicken and Farmstand Veggies kit from fridge to table in 45 minutes or less. Pure magic. Wanna find these kits for yourself? Click this fun PRODUCT FINDER to get the nearest location to you.

    Stop trying to make gourmet on your own happen during the week. Let Tyson Tastemakers Meal Kits do the work!

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