Kiehl’s Gets Personal

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    You’re skin needs all the help it can get. As the largest organ in our bodies, we often neglect to respect our outermost layer with what it craves. Thanks to my friends at Kiehl’s, my skincare regimen is getting a lot more personal! Inspired by over 160 years of apothecary expertise, Kiehl’s introduces a new level of personalized service with tailor-made facial concentrates to address your unique skin concerns.

    One of my favorite aspects of this newest product launch? You get the VIP treatment from the specialists in store. Select locations will be showing off the Apothecary Preparations. Your consultation begins with a Kiehl’s Customer Representative, who will help you identify your personal skin concerns. My friend Kim helped me decide which areas I’d like to focus on ranging from Wrinkles, Texture, Clarity, Enlarged Pores and even Redness.

    After demonstrating the process of mixing the right complexes for my skin type, I got a chance to sample it. My Targeted Complexes we’re mixed with a Skin Strengthening Concentrate to create a small sample for to feel, ensuring that it’s exactly what I was looking for. From there, I got a personalized label for my bottle, it was packaged, and sent home with the me to mix up at home prior to the first application. I absolutely love this fresh approach to skin care!

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