Piada Serves Up Delicious, Speedy Italian

    Lunchtime lurkers, I’ve a new spot for you to explore.

    Piada Italian Street Food began as an idea scribbled on a napkin during a visit to Rimini, Italy. Their Chefs found distinct charm in the family operated food carts and corner markets scattered throughout the streets of the city where the aroma of fresh basil, hand-crafted cured meats and homemade cheeses saturated the air. This trip began their obsession…inspiration…mission to bring this experience back to the United States. They opened the first Piada restaurant in 2010 with a mission to create fresh, modern Italian food focused on the preparation of high quality ingredients and attention to simplistic cooking.

    With a North Dallas location, I was invited in to see the Italian sensation in real life.  We enjoyed the namesake Piada, a thin crust, handmade dough, which is baked on a stone grill, filled with specialty items and then rolled as we watched the entire process. Their entrees also include Pasta Bowls and Chopped Salads. Each is comprised of a grill item, cheese and vegetables. During our lunch, we chose from three signatures per category, such as the Chef’s Favorite Piada with spicy Diavolo sauce, romaine, sweet and spicy peppers, mozzarella, and shaved and creamy parmesan, a delicious Basil Pesto Pasta with parmesan Alfredo, sundried tomatoes, and freshly grated parmesan, as well as super tasty Balsamic Salad with spinach, bruschetta tomatoes, red onions, feta spiced pecans, and balsamic dressing – all customizable with added protein. Another thing we loved were the grill selections, ranging from all-natural rosemary, garlic and lemon chicken to spicy Italian sausage with fennel and herbs and salmon prepared with lemon and olive oil. Don’t miss the homemade fruit sodas either, the raspberry is a winner!

    Feeling like something sweet? The cannoli chips are amazing. Whether is lunch, dinner or just a snack, Piada has mastered the art of Italian on-the-go. Bon Apetito!

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