Bird is the Word

BIRD Bakery in Highland Park Village is a mixed bag of patrons on a sleepy weekday morning. Ladies catching up over coffee and pastries, three businessmen suited up and having an early lunch, a younger set getting caffeinated while working on their laptops and then there’s me.

Elizabeth Chambers Hammer and her husband, Armie Hammer (yes that Armie Hammer), founded BIRD bakery in 2012 after months of perfecting family recipes. Elizabeth grew up in the kitchens of her mother and grandmother, who ran a local catering company for many years in San Antonio, so it was only natural for the couple to open a bakery in San Antonio and now in Dallas. BIRD bakery has filled a niche in the local community for fresh, from scratch, nostalgic offerings.

I’d heard wonderful things about approachable, simply made morsels of goodness coming out of the kitchen but it wasn’t until I had the chance to taste them for myself that I was convinced. After being kindly invited in to sample some goodies, I knew it was love at first bite. My favorite savory was a delicious roasted turkey sandwich with Havarti, arugula, avocado, tomato, red onion and local raspberry chipotle mayonnaise on seeded bread. The spread alone was so incredibly flavorful and deserves to be jarred and sold on its own. A southern tribute sandwich, pimento cheese complete with southern pecans on seeded bread, filled my stomach and soul with homemade goodness. Looking for a lighter meal at BIRD? Go protein style. All sandwiches can be made this way and plates full of pimento cheese, tuna salad and chicken salad could be seen flying out the kitchen.

Let us not forget the ‘bakery’ part of BIRD Bakery. Elizabeth and her husband love a good sweet and the HP location is chock full of them. It’s hard to move past the bakery counter without wanting one of everything but I needed to sample a few just to be sure … research right? House favorites seemed to be the fudgy walnut brownie, a flourless and gluten-free “Monster” cookie made with oats, peanut butter, chocolate chips & M&M’S®, an assortment of “Little Ones” cupcakes (red velvet and more) and a seasonal cupcake made with Guinness chocolate cake with Jameson whiskey ganache and Baileys Irish Cream buttercream. Yum!

Hungry yet? Head in to BIRD Bakery for breakfast or lunch to get your fix!

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