C’mon Get Happy

I’m no stranger to the well know time period during the week that we endearingly call “Happy Hour”. Usually it revolves around debauchery-filled activities that help us unwind from the stresses of the day. What if we flipped this idea on its head and found a new way to celebrate and discover something different to achieve our “happy”? That is exactly what I’m working on in partnership with Perry Ellis.

There are so many ways to find release from the day-in day-out, monotonous work stresses. One of my favorite things to boost my energy is grabbing a strong cup of coffee at my local shop and taking a stroll around the neighborhood. As Elle Woods once said, endorphins make people happy. So with that in mind, why not get your blood flowing during the early evening hours with a walk?

Oftentimes, I’ll pop into a chic retail space and window shop to my hearts content trying to find the latest trends of the season. Another wonderful way to spend happy hour is checking out your local museums and park spaces. In Dallas, we have several free exhibits constantly being changed out to inspired and help create new and refreshingly unique works. Take your normally boozy period of the day and switch it out to reinvent happy hour! Dallas is such a fun and vibrant city so do what I do and to blow off some steam, take a walk and explore in style with Perry Ellis. Be sure to entire the “Get Happy Giveaway” hosted by Perry Ellis for your shot at winning a $1,000 shopping spree as well!

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