Hop To It

I’m on a mission. For years now I’ve complained that I can’t stick to a workout routine because I get burnt out from doing the same thing day after day. While it works perfectly for a lot of people, for me it just doesn’t cut it. Now with summer quickly approaching I am diving deep into the fitness world and praying for a miracle.

Well, my wish came true sooner than I thought. Welcome to StudioHop, a monthly membership to a curated list of the best boutique fitness studios in the city. For the cost of what most single studios cost, you get access to all the best classes, right at your fingertips. Now I don’t have to feel tied down, I can enjoy activities from Pilates to yoga and cycling to barre and more! StudioHop combines fitness classes with events and then adds in exclusive Member Perks at local businesses. Basically you have an entire fitness community ready to support you and your healthy lifestyle goals.

I’ve discovered studios right outside my back door and nearby recovery centers that feature advanced technology like cryotherapy. It’s fun to hop around and see the nest of what our city has to offer in fitness and fun. Plus when you sign up, I’ve partnered with StudioHop to give you $20 off your first month when you used code ‘AlexHop20‘. Pretty awesome, right? Get to hopping!

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