Weekend Warrior

Hat // Sweatshirt // Tee // Jeans

I take my weekends very seriously. Time to myself, time to get things done that couldn’t be done during the busy work week, it’s all part of the routine.

Sometimes we forget to schedule time to do things that fill our soul with a sense of rest and reprieve. The rut of the week could be considered draining and that’s why it is so important to take the 48 hours provided to us on the weekend to get back to the basics and get things done. For me, the weekend begins with a strong cup of coffee, a bite and then followed by an amazing SoulCycle class at their new studio in Dallas. Something about getting my adrenaline and endorphin levels up makes for a better start to my weekend.

What does my normal outfit for Saturday and Sunday look like? Well, that depends. Most of the time though, you’ll find me rocking a few simple standards. The look above paints the picture of an errand ready, brunch grabbing, relaxing movie going sort of self. I’ve been loving on vintage style cozy sweatshirts recently. Something about the worn-in, fleece lined texture makes me smile. I’ll throw on a tee underneath, rock a loud hat and slip on some denim to complete the look. Speaking of jeans, J.CrewΒ just launched a new line. The pants are made of stretch fabric from Kurabo, Japan’s oldest selvedge mill (established over 110 years ago) and the supplier to Japan’s first denim brand, and they feature a wash developed at Wonderland Concepts in Henderson, Kentucky. This pair is made to look like jeans with a couple of years of wear, which is great if you aren’t into the whole “breaking in denim” thing. How cool is that?

So weekend warriors, take on the relaxing days in style with my easy look that you will get into for sure.

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