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Patio Entertaining Perfected with Pottery Barn

When it comes to springtime, there’s nothing like being outside. Enjoying the time with friends and family outdoors in the warmer weather is one of my favorite pastimes. We recently did a huge overhaul of our backyard space that made it something we could be proud of. With a brand new patio deck and farmhouse table complete, the race to ready for spring entertaining was on. It wasn’t an easy fete and with each new addition to the backyard we began to question how we would tie it all together. Admittedly, I was looking all over the place for inspiration until I found the solution. In partnership with my friends at Pottery Barn, an outdoor oasis for gathering loved ones came together seamlessly.

Now that the space has taken shape, I want to go through some of the ways in which I took our blank slate of a patio to a party outside.

  1. Know Your Audience – I’ve got an assortment of friend groups. Some are looking to relax over a night of appetizers drinks and boardgames and some want a full on dinner party for 10. Regardless of where the party takes you, it’s smart to have your folks separated and to get the ball rolling in a comfortable way during your al fresco fiesta.
  2. Jump Start – Planning ahead and being prepared means you’re more likely to be relaxed, have fun, and join your guests in making memories. Whether you’re expecting 10 guests or several dozen, having things done in advance means keeping your outdoor event as stress-free as possible.
  3. Details Details Details – Get creative and show your personality this season. Small touches like these cute napkins and a natural (stain forgiving) runner show a little flair and guests will notice the effort you put into making sure everything gets tied together.
  4. Start Small – One of the best ways I’ve learned to kick off an outdoor affair is to start small. The word small means two things to me, small plates and small batch drinks. I love the serving platters from Pottery Barn that can be your mainstay attraction on the table throughout the party. Let your guests grab for the small bites and mix-and-match beverage options for easy entertaining.
  5. Light It Up – The fun may continue after the sun so don’t be left in the dark. The lovely votives I’ve decorated my table with provide enough light to get things done but are dim enough to keep things intimate and fun.
  6. Don’t Break Up – Keeping things in one piece can be a hosts or hostesses worst nightmare. Luckily Pottery Barn has developed chic acrylic drink and melamine dinnerware that looks like beautiful ceramic but is tough as nails when things get rowdy.
  7. Sweet Kiss Goodnight – Spring entertaining can sometimes mean hot weather. Keep the house and your guests cool with a parting sweet treat that won’t make you sweat. I love the simplicity of artisan cookies. I’m currently crushing on Great One Cookie Co. and their selection of baked goods will shine on your table when things are winding down.

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