Spring Lights and Whites

Polo | Jacket | Shorts (Vintage – Similar Here) | Shoes

With all of the innovative styles coming to the forefront of the fashion scene, we’re always looking for something new to wow us. The thing we tend to miss sometimes is the fact that some of our favorite brands have deep roots in the history of what makes our clothing choices pop and color our world. Storied fashion houses like Lacoste have been around for quite sometime and continue to impress with the classic mix of well structured pieces and vibrant pattern schemes.

For a bit of a blast from the past look to the beginnings of the polo that goes back almost a hundred years. Lacoste designed a truly revolutionary shirt with a buttoned neckline and short sleeves. Tennis players in the 1930’s were accustomed to rolling up their thick shirt sleeves to get a little relief, but René Lacoste’s invention would give them absolute freedom of movement. Now we get the same enjoyment out of this shirt and can be modernized with the right accessories.

One of my favorite ways to play off a polo is the pair it with a lighter jacket. The one I’ve sported about is printed with a deliciously playful graphic and provides the right amount of protection from the spring elements without overpowering the polo. Whether you’re off to play a match or just running errands in unpredictable weather, let the comfort of this jacket be your strong suit. While I’ve brought the top two pieces together in modern ways, the shorts are purely vintage. A find at a local vintage shop, these short shorts harken back to yesteryear and help tie the ensemble together with an old school flair. Let’s not forget the perfect shoe, too!

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