At The Crossroads

Watch: Canton and Hall // Jumpsuit: Mr. Turk // Sunglasses: Ray Ban // Shoes: UGG

Nestled into Dallas’ coolest neighborhood at the moment, you’ll find a creative crossroads. Deep Ellum is home to some of the cities most up and coming players in their respective industries and one brand is setting the bar in watches. From the creators of popular timepiece brand Jack Mason comes a new, breath of fresh air. Founded in downtown dallas, their headquarters sit at the intersection of canton and hall. Now the new brand of watches challenges it’s wearers to “explore new routes and find opportunity in accidental moments.” Introducing Canton and Hall.

One of my favorite things about this new brand of watches is the interchangeability of each piece. From the electric colors to the modernistic and metallic flairs. It screams for adventure and calls out for youthfully influenced exploration. Right now, their collection is called the “Daytripper” and it speaks to just how each watch can invoke a need to do just that. In partnership with Canton and Hall, I am working with them to show just how vital time is to every piece of my day. With so many places to be and amazing places to seek out, time is of the essence and now I can express it in my own unique way.

The best part of what Canton and Hall is doing? The price. You won’t be breaking the bank to look like you own the joint and to that I say “cheers” to the next generation of timepieces.

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