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Imagine being able to reset your nutritional plan and infuse it with the most modern and innovative cleanse Dallas has seen to date. The best part? It’s just a click and delivery away.

I was recently contacted by Dallas’ own Substance Organic Juiceryย located off Walnut Hill & 75, to try out a 5 day juice cleanse. Substance Juice prides itself on razor focused niche recipes that maximize the essential substance of every natural and organic ingredient. Medicinally purposed, the delicious juices are curated to tastefully meet your needs. Substance has specially mixed delicious flavors tailored to those who know exactly what they need and why.

Recently launched, the “Get Clean” cleanse box includes 5 daily juices, 1 fresh-pressed almond milk and a heavenly cold-press ginger shot. The shot alone is worth it for this cleanse, talk about a total vitality booster. Substance Vitality Bar now offers it’s 1, 3, and 5-day cleanses for local DFW delivery. Every cleanse includes a custom insulated tote for free! I love a freebie.

I felt so wonderful after my 5-day cleanse. More energy, my skin clearer up and I lost all the water weight my body has been retaining since the holidays. It’s a triple threat reset.

Here are some great tips to follow on this cleanse:


Hydration is still necessary! Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout your cleanse. This will aid in both the flush of toxins from your system and the replenishment of essential nutrients into your body. Try starting out your day with a glass of water; after each juice, rinse and refill that bottle with water aiming to drink all 16 oz before the next juice. Remember to listen to your body. If this feels like too much, go with how you feel!

If you feel you must eat during your cleanse, listen to your body and nosh on fresh, raw, unprocessed produce, broth based soups or a snack. A Substance Probiotic Cashew Yogurt or a Metabolist Smoothie are great options to maintain cleanse effectiveness while adding additional fuel to your day. If you prefer to stick to the liquids, an extra nut milk, juice or a coconut water are great options to add to your cleanse as well.

But what about my coffee?! If you’re a caffeine consumer and choose to eliminate caffeine during your cleanse, an extra Ginger Shot or an Energize Elixir will pick you right back up if you’re feeling groggy or sluggish during your usual coffee break!

Can I still workout? When taking a step towards elevating their health with a cleanse, many of our peopleย ask about getting active while cleansing. Keep in mind that you’ve made the choice to let your body rest and recover during this time. The best recommendation is to take it easy by sticking to light activities. Remember to drink plenty of water, especially if you choose to get your sweat on! Hold off on increasing your usual activity level until you’ve completed your cleanse.

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