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You know how obsessed I am with the newest addition to Dallas’ dining scene when it comes to fresh seafood fast. Now Pōk The Raw bar has officially opened their six-seater, first come first serve bar and I got first dibs on sampling the goodness.

The raw bar is a dream-realized from the culinary talent of Nobu’s Jimmy Park, one of the city’s brightest rising star sushi chefs. Park and the team are sourcing ingredients from the highest-quality and most sustainable farmers they can find, and fish is flown in daily from all over the world. After working at Michelin star restaurants and several locations of Nobu, Park now finds himself serving up delicious items to those lucky enough to nab one of the six elusive seats nightly.

When we headed in to sample the raw bar, it was only the 3rd day open but Park made us feel right at home. There are three different options at the raw bar. One is a Pōk De-light ($35) which gets you a sampling of dishes like tuna sashimi, red snapper sushi, albacore and a few other pieces that are sure to fill you up. A second option is “The Pōk” and with that Chef Jimmy gets a little more playful adding in a few daily specials and a baked handroll. Lastly, and the one I highly recommend, the “Trust Me” option. With this, Chef Jimmy shows you his take on the traditional Omakase style of dining. You’ll put your trust in him and savor each bite and it’s moment of perfection. Set aside 2-3 hours for the Omakase as you’re taken on a culinary tour of Japan.

During our time at the raw bar, we tried baby yellowtail with Japanese mountain berry, a salmon belly piece with 3 year aged soy sauce, Japanese snapper fresh from the water, a super savory fatty tuna, aged albacore, sashimi tacos, buttery uni and so many more pieces. I lost count after a while (thanks wine) but what I can tell you is that this man is truly a genius when it comes to flavor combinations.

Get yourself to Pōk and grab a seat at the raw bar, now open for lunch and dinner nightly.

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