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One of my favorite activewear brands Outdoor Voices recently released its “Cactus” collection. What’s unique about this capsule collection is that it is featuring a range of earthy shades of “Forest Green,” “Sage,” and “Oatmeal.” Whether you’re traipsing through the desert, or just hanging in your local park, this collection will make you feel at one with nature.

Normally you don’t wanna touch a cactus but I can’t keep my hands off this collection. Working with Outdoor Voices to achieve my healthy goals is something that I hold near and dear. Right now, in the midst of spring I am training for a half-marathon will my partner. This means eating mindfully, getting a grip on my cross training and of course hitting the road. These runner’s high short are made with all of those goals in mind. With a “barely there” feel and relaxed fit and four-way stretch you’ll have room to move. Things getting warm? A sweat-wicking, and fast-drying material with built-in hidden compression lining will get you through a tough go.

I love loose fitting tops when I am getting active. A beautifully cool Featherweight Mat Tank is crafted to keep you feeling light and breezy when things heat up. Never let em see you sweat! This tank has a first-class wicking finish that speeds up dry time and sends odor to the sidelines. Think of it as a sweat shield. How cool is that?

So when your ready to step up your game and hit the ground running in style, Outdoor Voices is the brand for you.

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