Break the Day the Hamptons Way

With most of us on busy schedules in the morning rushing about, getting ready for the day, one integral often gets the boot. Breakfast is the one meal of the day that could consist of a protein shake and granola bar if we need it to, but one Dallas restaurant is challenging the norm with a new menu rollout

East Hampton Sandwich Co. has launched a breakfast menu for its Dallas locations. Offered daily 7am – 11am the new breakfast menu features coffee and cold brew on tap by Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters. Not to mention the delicious new food items I was graciously invited to try out recently. Switch up your breakfast routine with one of their gourmet sandwiches or tacos. My favorite was tie between the “South Hampton” croissant sandwich filled with Fried Chicken, Honey, Egg and the “Morning lobster” stuffed with what else? huge amounts of pulled lobster knuckle & claw, Egg and Jack Cheese. This isn’t your drive through morning sandwich!

The breakfast line up at East Hampton Sandwich Co. also has a few toast options as well. As different kinds of artisan toasts have emerged on menus, this one is no different. There’s an avocado toast with Smashed Avo, Cherry Tomato, Chili Flake and Sea Salt, the banana toast with almond butter + Sliced Bananas and a Honey Drizzle and finally an “eggy toast” topped with Scrambled Eggs, Jack Cheese and Crispy Bacon. The avocado toast was a clear winner for me because it’s basic and I love it.

Did the morning call for something stronger than Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters special cold brew? East Hampton also offers mimosas as big as your face. There, that should switch up your breakfast routine for sure!


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