Last Minute for Mom


Let’s face it, Moms are the best.

They are extremely patient. Like REALLY patient. They give you confidence to take risks and try new things, and comfort you when you’re sad. Mine deserves an award for putting up with me sometimes. That awkward phase? She stood by me. They know just how to cheer you up after a horrible day and most importantly
they show you how to have fun.

This Mothers Day, I’m showing you some incredible last minute ways to say “Thanks Mom!” and show your appreciation. Just went you thought it was too late to get the perfect gift, here I am with (rush shipping) ideas that will put you in good graces with ‘ma.

As we hit the middle of the spring season, I’m enamored with rose gold and all the feels it brings. A hydration bottle will be the perfect way to keep moms thirst quenched with whatever liquid she chooses to fill it with. One scent to rule them all, this beautiful Jonathan Adler candle is not only gorgeous to look at but lets off all the good smells. Something to cool things off when things get heated? Go for this awesome pineapple shaped ice bucket. Need something to eat while you share a bottle from the wine fridge? This charmingly rustic wooden stand serves as an essential kitchen companion And when things get chilly or it’s movie night, give mom a comfy throw blanket to curl up in. Last but not least, let your relationship with mom grow by planting something lovely in this earthenware pot.

Now that you have all those lovely new ideas, stand by your old faithful classic that will still be able to deliver in time for Mother’s Day. The Bouqs Company is the floral delivery service of the future and they have a deal for you and mom. Select the Deluxe size of any of these Bouqs from and get it at the price of an Original — that’s twice the flowers for the price of one! Order by 11am PST for delivery in time for Mother’s Day. Use code: MORE4MOM at checkout.

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